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As the founding CEO and Executive Director, Lynn's role is to work with the Women Who Win Together (WWWT) Board of Directors and the Nehemiah staff to implement both organization's strategic plan and goals, oversee daily operations, programming, fundraising, and marketing. She is tasked with being the spokeswoman on behalf of Nehemiah and WWWT in the community to area congregations, nonprofits and key stakeholders for the purpose of building and sustaining partnerships that will further Nehemiah's mission.

She has 25 years of experience in management, and operations within the service and higher education industries.  Lynn has an overwhelming passion to change lives and provide hope in the dark spaces in a person's life.

Lynn earned a Master of Divinity degree from Samuel Dewitt Proctor School of Theology at Virginia Union University. In addition, she is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University where she received a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and a bachelor's in human services in Old Dominion University. She is continuing her studies to earn a Master of Social Work at George Mason University. 

In her spare time, Lynn love traveling and spending time with her five siblings, their kids and her parents.


B.J. Lynn

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